The Brunching Shuttlecocks is one of the funnier sites on the Web, and the Ratings are the funniest part of the site. So, it was a no-brainer for me to buy Lore Fitzgerald Sjoberg's The Book of Ratings , which collects those Ratings into book form.

Though there is some new material in the book, 95% of it is just collected straight from the Web site. If it bothers you to pay for content that you can legitimately get for free, you'll probably be irritated if you buy this book. For my own part, though, I think it's worth it: this stuff is consistently funny enough that I want to be able to read it when I don't happen to be at my computer. And if I've read most of it before, well, I've read most if it before repeatedly, which would sort of indicate that I don't have a problem re-reading it. (And, in fact, I finished reading the book the day after I received it, which pretty much confirms that indication.)

Good stuff. If you haven't read the Web site, do so; if you have read the Web site, then you already know precisely what you'll get if you buy the book.


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