I've finally got this weblog converted over to a new blogging system, something a little bit fancier than the old Perl-and-baling-wire script I had rigged up before. (If you're curious, I now store my booklog in XML format, and have a Java app that uses XSLT to publish new entries.)

This matters not at all to you, of course. But what may matter to you is that I now have permalinks! Exciting! Thrilling! Okay, not so much. Other than that (and some mostly invisible marking and scripting clean up), not much is new around here. The nice thing, though, is that now when I want to change something, I can just do it, instead of having to manually go back and update every single old entry to reflect the change. And I can auto-generate an index by author, which I suspect I'll do as soon as I recover from this effort.

The things I do for you people. Let me know if anything looks broken.


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