I really wish I could just swear off sequels, because writing booklog entries about them is just a pain in the ass. I've put off writing up Steven Brust's The Lord of Castle Black for about a week now in the vain hope that I'd eventually think of something to say about it that I haven't said about Brust's other Paarfi novels. Well, let's see if I can come up with anything now.

Ah, here we are: I'm beginning to wonder why this sub-trilogy is called The Viscount of Adrilankha -- because while said Viscount was a major character in The Paths of the Dead, he seems here to be just along for the ride. He does stuff in the book, but he's really just a supporting character in a volume that already has a handful of lead characters (Sethra Lavode, Morrolan, Zerika, Khaavren, and arguably a few others). Perhaps all will be made clear in the third book; or perhaps Brust's plans got away from him, and the Viscount faded into the background as other characters took over the book.

(Although I should point out that the Viscount (whose title I keep using, because I've inexplicably forgotten his name) has one of the most hilarious scenes in a very funny book, in an awkward conversation with his love interest. It'd disturbing to picture a Brust character played by Hugh Grant, but it would totally have worked there.)

Beside that, though, I've really got nothing new to say, so I'll end with the customary bland descriptive adjectives: hilariously funny, distinctive authorial voice, great characters, involved plot, and pacey as hell. Read it if you haven't, but of course you have, because I'm the only person who waited this long to get around to it.


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