To the naive observer of the booklog, it might seem like it took a ridiculously unreasonable amount of time for me to read Patricia Wrede’s Talking to Dragons , especially considering that Wrede’s book is 200 pages of light reading. But the sophisticated observer will (accurately) guess that I actually read it a long time ago, and am only now getting around to writing it up, because — and this is true — I couldn’t remember the title, and didn’t feel like going to my bookshelf. Welcome to the world’s laziest booklog.

The book itself is similar in tone to the rest of the Verbing with Dragons series, but notably different from the earlier three — Where those three were third-person novels with Cimorene as the protagonist, this one is first-person with Cimorene’s son as the narratagonist. It’s a nice change to a formula that was getting close to going stale after three books, and also means that for the first time, the reader knows more about what’s going on than the (rather clueless) protagonist.

My biggest criticism, which verges on spoilerishness, is that the ending is too happy considering what’s happened to date; but such is the price one pays for the YA label, I guess. At any rate, this is still an enjoyable light read, and quite adequately finishes off one of the best legitimately YA series I’ve read.


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