So in my last graphic novel roundup, I mentioned that I didn’t really care for The Hulk. Well, Peter David’s The Incredible Hulk: Tempest Fugit proves that execution trumps premise every time.

David’s Hulk isn’t a mindless brute beast, and his Hulk story isn’t one of inner torment and angst. Here, the Hulk is an adolescent power fantasy, invulnerability and unstoppable power personified, the ultimate backup plan for when things get rough. This is less “mature” than the angsty Hulk stuff, but it’s also a heck of a lot more fun. A Hulk who interrupts a villain’s declamations with a Buffy-esque “Not really caring!” before laying down the proverbial smack is just plain cool.

The story’s a bit on the silly side, and the deep significance isn’t all that deep, but if it’s pulpish power fantasy you’re looking for, here’s a good place to look.


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