After finishing the Liveship Traders trilogy, I immediately dove into the next set of three, plowing through Robin Hobb’s Fool’s Errand, Golden Fool, and Fool’s Fate with a certain amount of alacrity.

This trilogy is a more direct sequel to Hobb’s original Farseer Trilogy, though it’s also a semi-direct sequel to the Liveship Traders. As a capstone to a trilogy of trilogies, it succeeds marvelously, integrating two very different works into a well-structured whole, and illuminating events from the past in a different light — the stuff I didn’t like about the Farseer Trilogy is all entirely redeemed here. (This occasionally feels perilously close to being a retcon, but doesn’t cross the line — I managed to genuinely believe that this is what Hobb had in mind all along.)

The nine books Hobb has written in this world comprise one of the best ultra-long-form epic fantasies around, and if you like epic fantasy at all, you should immediately set to reading them.


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