I have two recommendations for you:

  1. Read Steven Brust’s Dzur . It’s yet another typically excellent installment in his excellent Vlad Taltos series. I wasn’t sure where the series would go after Issola, but this is as a good a place as any.
  2. But first, re-read all the Taltos books, or at least the last couple. Brust is a subtle writer, and really expects you to be paying close attention. If you forgot about (say) the big revelation in Orca, you’d find not a single word here to refresh your memory — but also a bunch of scenes that would have a weird subtext that’d go right past you. I’m sure I missed more than one significant event in the book. I think I will schedule a re-read before the next one comes out, whenever that is.
  3. Bonus recommendation, as it belatedly occurs to me that it’s possible that someone here might not have already read the Taltos books: Read them! This is one of the best ongoing fantasy series in existence, and it’s not at all like any other such series. Even if you don’t like fantasy, you’ll like these. I promise.


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