Robert Kirkman is the writer of The Walking Dead, a graphic novel series about zombies. He’s also the writer of various Marvel superhero comics. So it seems pretty obvious that Robert Kirkman’s Marvel Zombies is a story about an alternate reality where Marvel superheroes have been turned into zombies.

The high concept for this is cool, and the details of the execution are neat — the covers, for instance, are classic Marvel covers redone with zombies — but unfortunately, there’s not enough substance to the conceit to make a memorable and interesting story. Part of the problem is that the characters are basically all of the Marvel heroes, so there’s not a chance to develop any real characterization; another part is that all the characters are flesh-eating zombies, so not exactly sympathetic.

But probably the biggest problem is just the story itself. We don’t start off with the heroes beginning to be turned into zombies, which could have been a good horror story; we start off with the heroes already zombified, and already having eaten the entire population of Earth. From there, there’s not a lot left to do, other than sit around bickering until Galactus fortuitously shows up.

A lightly enjoyable, if utterly disposable, story for Marvel fans, and of absolutely no interest at all to anyone else.


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