When I reviewed the earlier volumes of Invincible, I said that there was too much superhero and not enough civilian, so it’s a bit weird to say that Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, vol. 6 has our protagonist in costume for basically the entire book, but still feels satisfactorily civilian-esque. But the secret is that he’s off-planet for most of the book (yes, this definitely is that kind of cosmic superhero book), and off-planet, he can be just a guy no matter what clothes he’s wearing. Overall, this remains a brightly-colored piece of light superhero adventure. Not great, but pretty good.

Then there’s Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, vol. 5 , which nobody will ever accuse of being light or brightly-colored, and not just because it’s in black-and-white. Our story of the zombie apocalypse continues, with the main characters seemingly at a place where they can relax and regroup... which means it’s time for some bad shit to go down, of course. Which it proceeds to do in a way that’s narratively satisfying and sets the next volume up very interestingly. If you’ve been reading this, keep on keepin’ on.


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