Sharon Shinn’s The Truth-Teller’s Tale and The Dream-Maker’s Magic are the sequels to The Safe-Keeper’s Secret , which I liked a great deal for its nuanced and character-based coming of age story. The sequels are similar in theme and story. A young person living in a small village doesn’t quite fit in, and the low-key magic of this world — there are three types of magical abilities: truth-telling, safe-keeping, and dream-making — starts to manifest itself in ways that are pretty much given away by the titles of the books.

I ended up not liking the second and third books as much as the first, but not in any way I can point to. I suspect that they’re not actually weaker, but that the first just gets the benefit of the world-building novelty. Still, even if I didn’t like them quite as much, they were enjoyable, quiet reads.


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