So, David Weber’s The Short Victorious War, Field of Dishonor, and Flag in Exile continue the Honor Harrington series. As you might guess from the part where I’ve now read five of these things in a month, I’m really liking this series an unhealthy amount.

I mean, the politics are still annoying — even moreso in the later books, as Weber starts using Republican Handbook phrases like “equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity” when describing the Evil Socialist Bad Guys — but he makes up for it with unrealistic plotting and characterization. I’m just a sucker for omnicompetent protagonists, I guess, and Honor is nothing if not that. In fact, to quote Weber describing her (from the thoughts of one of her enemies):

Damn it to Hell, she must be the very spawn of Satan! How else could she have survived [spoiler], being [spoilered], a second [spoilering], a [spoiler], and then defeated yet another [spoiler]? She wasn’t human!

And indeed she is not. Weber’s almost going to have to ratchet her awesomeness down a level in the next book, or else she will transform herself into a being of coruscating energy and destroy her enemies with the embodied force of her will and intellect.

Not that I’m necessarily ruling that out as a real possibility, mind.


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