The almighty Honor Harrington manages to get captured in David Weber’s In Enemy Hands , which hopefully isn’t a spoiler for people who read titles. I think it will also come as no spoiler to note that Honor gets captured not because of any failing on her part, but because she is incredibly noble and courageous. Furthermore, the reader may deduce from first principles that being captured is not the end of Honor’s reign of awesome.

What the reader may not have entirely expected is how Honor’s “good” enemies (who you know are good because they’re described as hating their own evil society, even as they unstintingly fulfill their duties to blow people up defending it, because they’re that fucking honorable and duty-filled), the ones that have come close to defeating her in previous books, all cluster up around her capture here, because 1) they’re the only people worthy of capturing Honor, and 2) they need to be subsequently outraged when people are mean to Honor, so that we can understand that being mean to Honor is the greatest offense in the entire universe, appalling to allies and enemies alike.

Moral of the story: Don’t fuck with Honor Harrington. In fact, that may actually be the moral of the whole series. I am not willing to cross her, so am immediately pressing on to the next weirdly-addictive volume of this series.


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