Terry Pratchett’s Making Money is essentially his Going Postal mixed with the Newton in the Mint parts of Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, and only slightly less excellent than that description makes it sound.

Making Money is good solid Pratchett, on par with Going Postal in almost every respect, but it does have one flaw: There’s no sense of peril in the book at all. The problem is that Moist von Lipwig, the protagonist, is too clearly backed by Lord Vetinari throughout the book, and Vetinari is one of those characters whose plans are not going to fail in the Discworld; since there’s no doubt about Vetinari’s plan succeeding, there’s equally little doubt about Moist’s success, and Pratchett’s attempts to put him in danger don’t evoke the desired tension.

Still, it’s a Pratchett book and a good one, and you’re going to read it and like it.


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