Brandon Sanderson’s Elantris , completely redesigned for the 2007 model year, features a 4-cylinder engine with 25/33 EPA city/highway mileage and an array of safety features, including electronic stability control and Brake Assist. Though the styling is on the bland side, the mix of economy and...

No, wait, that’s the Hyundai Elantra. Common mistake!

So Sanderson is the guy they picked to finish up the Wheel of Time, which is enough to break him out of the pack of competent fantasists whose books I see lining the shelves and getting moderately positive reviews, so I picked up Elantris to see what kind of writer he is. The answer appears to be: A competent and original one.

Elantris is the sort of story where a spunky princess goes off to a foreign land to marry a kind-hearted prince, all in the shadow of an ancient mystical city and the threat of war from a world-conquering empire, while also being the sort of story where the plot is unpredictable throughout and the setting and characters are unique and interesting. That ability to use fantasy tropes in a fresh way bodes well for his work on the Wheel of Time, and not incidentally makes Elantris worth picking up in its own right.


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