So I predicted that after finishing off the ol’ Dresden books, I’d plow through a pile of comic books. Well, if a pile can consist of a single item, my prediction was correct, anyway.

In this case, the pile was Brian Michael Bendis’ The Mighty Avengers, vol. 2: Venom Bomb . On the plus side for the series is that Bendis is a good writer, and he’s doing some fun stuff with thought bubbles (one of the under-appreciated tools of comics). On the minus side is that it’s full of heroes with no real backstory (Ares? The Sentry?) and second-stringers (Ms. Marvel, The Wasp, Wonder Man, the Black Window). On the even bigger minus side is that it’s seemingly just connective tissue between Major Events, as it started from the Civil War plotline and is taking no break at all before it launches into Secret Invasion.

On the biggest plus side is that it’s a comic book full of superheroes in the Marvel universe, and I have very minimal standards for reading such things, so we’re all good.


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