I’m given to understand that the 21st century is when everything changes, and hey, here’s Jim Butcher’s Changes to apply that maxim to Harry Dresden’s life. Given the title, it’s probably not too spoilery to mention that some things actually do change in this book, which is good, as the reset-to-default aspect of the Dresden Files stories has been getting more untenable as the stakes have continually risen book after book.

This is late Dresden, which means it’s extremely continuity-heavy and that it increasingly is part of a continuing ongoing plot, instead of a self-contained book-length plot. Don’t start reading Dresden here, is I guess what I’m getting at. Also, if you don’t like reading unfinished serieses, Dresden is probably starting to hit your irritation points. I liked the book, but I almost do wish that I could have waited to read it when the next one is available.


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