So Naomi Novik’s Tongue’s of Serpents is the latest in the Temeraire books. Each book in the series ends up being a travelogue of some place or other, and this one is: Australia.

Australia seems like an interesting place in reality, but in fiction, it often ends up being kinda dull. Pratchett’s Lost Continent is one of the weaker Discworld books, and Tongue of Serpents is definitely the weakest Temeraire book.

It’s not totally dull, mind. There are interesting bits in it, and some pretty critical character and story development happens. But fundamentally, a lot of the book consists of them being lost in the desert and enduring privations, which isn’t particularly fascinating in any way.

If you’re reading the series, you’re going to read this book, because you don’t have a choice; and it’s still pretty decent, so it won’t be a chore or anything. But keep your expectations in check, because it’s not as super-awesome hyper-excellent as the previous installments were. Hopefully it’ll bounce back after this.


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