So what’s funny is, if you go back and look at the booklog entries for Dzur , Jhegaala and Iorich , you’d see that I liked each book when I read it. And yet, for all that, I want to start off my entry about Steven Brust’s Tiassa by noting that, in contrast to the last few disappointing books, this is a genuinely great installment in the Taltos series.

Part of it is that the last few books have felt really small, with plots that get resolved inside of a day or two, and a small cast of characters. Part of it is that the last few books (with the partial exception of Iorich) have been pretty somber affairs, without the sense of fun that I enjoy in the series. And part of it is maybe just my memory lying to me, who knows.

But at any rate, Tiassa definitely has a larger plot, with events that span enough time to thoroughly confound anyone trying to read the books in internal chronological order. And it certainly has a sense of fun, with old-style wisecracking Vlad plus a bit o’ Paarfi. In fact, between the narrative complexity and the sheer joy of the book, it’s possible that this might be my favorite book in the series, though to be honest, I’ve read most of them so long ago that I wouldn’t trust my judgment in that regard.

Highly recommended, and I’m definitely anticipating the next book in the series now.


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