So I’ve got a lot of books on my to-booklog list that demand a certain amount of thoughtfulness, and where I’m going to feel guilty if (well, honestly probably when) I shortchange them with a too-short, too-facile write-up. But since I’m not currently up to writing about them, let me instead talk quickly about John Scalzi’s Fuzzy Nation.

My reactions to Scalzi’s books has ranged from “completely unreadable” (Redshirts) to “actually kinda decent-ish” (The Ghost Brigades), with most of them falling into the… well, fuzzy middle. (Pun not intended, but gleefully embraced as it popped up.)

And so Fuzzy Nation is definitely more on the good side of things. It’s not a brilliant book, it’s not going to reshape any corner of the genre, I can’t even honestly say I remember what the plot of it was at this point. But, when all is said and done, it was an enjoyable read in a classic SF mold, and that’s not nothing.


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