Django Wexler’s The Thousand Names is a secondary-world Napoleonic-esque military fantasy. It’s got lots of loving talk about cannon, it’s got infantry forming up in square, muskets and bayonets, the whole thing.

And I loved the military part of it, with its brilliant colonel who comes in and invigorates a decadent army, with its clever strategems and tactics, with its individual characters who rise up to heroism or fall into brutishness.

But then there’s the fantasy stuff, which, ugh, you’ve got an ancient cult of priests, and demons, and another religious order, and a McGuffin of Great Power, and blah blah, meh. I want more Weber/Novik-style Napoleonic military fun, and way less McClellan-esque grimdark demon bullshit.

It was good enough to keep me reading, and I’m moving on to the second one, but depending on how it goes, I might not keep reading on to the third.


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