Ben Aaronovitch’s Lies Sleeping is the latest in the Rivers of London series. I’ve liked this series, but… okay, the problem is that this is like the fourth book dealing with the ongoing hunt for the Faceless Man, and a) I’m already bored with that plotline, plus b) I don’t remember its ins and outs that well (a problem that I probably wouldn’t have if I were reading these all in one go, rather than spaced out by a year).

So as I’m reading this book, I understand it, I know what’s going on at any moment. But if you had interrupted me from my reading and asked me why the characters were doing what they were doing, I’m not sure I would have had an answer for you. They’re… um, following up on clues, probably? I don’t know, who cares.

So from my perspective it’s just a lot of them going places and doing things for no really great reason, as they try to unravel a plot whose complexities I don’t remember, and work to capture a villain I don’t give a shit about.

It’s a testament to my fondness for these characters (and to Aaronovitch’s writing, I suppose) that I lightly enjoyed this book rather than just noping out entirely. The good news is that I’m optimistic the next book will be about something else more to my liking.


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