Walter Jon Williams’ Quillifer the Knight is, pretty obviously, a sequel to his Quillifer. In that book, a young man had a bunch of adventures; in this one, the man is somewhat more established (given the title, I guess it’s not a spoiler to say that he’s a knight), and is primarily enmeshed in political intrigue, new business enterprises, and romantic entanglements.

Like the first book, it’s a quick-reading tale of derring-do and hyper-competence, and if there are somewhat fewer bold adventures and somewhat more political intrigues, well, that just makes sense for where the character is in his life—it’s like how the Miles Vorkosigan books went from military adventure to diplomatic intrigue. (And that’s not an idle comparison; if you liked the Vorkosigan books, these are probably right up your alley.)

Allegedly this is planned as a six book series, but only a trilogy under contract so far; I for one would be delighted to read all six volumes. Recommended.


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