So as Yangsze Choo’s The Ghost Bride starts out, it feels a lot like Black Water Sister, where a young woman’s family believes in ghosts in a normal superstitious way, but then she sees one for reals. But that comparison goes away quickly, because whereas Zen Cho’s protagonist stays firmly in the mundane world while dealing with the supernatural, the protagonist of The Ghost Bride gets all up in that supernature.

This, it turns out, completely changes the feel of the book. Instead of it being an urban fantasy of any sort, it’s just… straight up fantasy. It’s dealing with a fantasy realm with its own magical rules and fantastic denizens and all that. Which certainly feels like it could work, and it didn’t exactly not work, but… well, it never turned into anything special, either. It’s just kinda there.

I want to say that the book is enjoyable but forgettable, and I feel very confident in that pronouncement because I actually did read this one in January and then just totally forgot about it until much later. So yeah. Not disrecommended, and if it’s what you’re in the mood for, you’ll probably like it just fine. But enh.


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