Ben Aaronovitch’s False Value is the latest full-length Peter Grant novel, and it’s my favorite in quite a while. As I mentioned when I wrote up the last one, the series had gotten mired in a convoluted ongoing story; but fortunately that’s over now, and we’re back to what this series should be: A smart-ass wizard cop investigating magically-suspicious mysteries with the help of an interesting cast of characters.

About the only fault I have with this book is that it does an in media res start that, when combined with my terrible memory and the last book being like two years ago, had me convinced I’d forgotten an important plot point in the last book. But no, I hadn’t, it eventually flashes back and fills the reader in on what happened.

If you’ve been reading this series, you’ll want to read this one, even if you’ve thought it was flagging and getting bogged down recently. This very much feels like a return to form. Recommended.


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